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Busy with cool work things... hopefully will have some arty stuff to share real soon :) But in the meanwhile.....

Occasionally somebody will ask me about video tutorials/how to's etc and I haven't had anything to show... until now. 21 Draw are doing a training series on digital painting, character design etc and running a kickstarter featuring some amazing talent (as well as me). I'm producing 6-8 videos of 30-40 minutes each for the project, so if thing kind of thing interests you, check out their campaign for details and stuff.…

end plug ;)
Here's an interview I did with 3DTotal a little while back and promptly forgot about it.…

There are pictures! And words! Find out about my shapely elbows, my plans for world conquest (none) and who Mr Metcalfe is!

No refund on your time spend reading, may contain nuts... or at least someone who is nuts. You have been warned.

Something I wrote on anatomy and exaggeration for a recent ImagineFX anatomy issue, now free to read as a blog post on the webs. It has words! It has pictures! It tells you where your funny bone is!…

Things have been crazy and I haven't posted enough stuff lately. Some projects I can't show yet and other stuff I was working on for the local comic con season. Big thanks to all those who stopped by my table in artist alley at Supanova this past weekend to say 'hi' and buy some of my art books and stuff. :wave:

Also a quick plug for my talented buddy :iconmartinabel: , who was also there….and has a really cool book project over at kick-starter…

 go check it out - its only got a few days left and it might just be the kind of thing you are looking for.

Now time for some more sleep, and then get cracking on more art!

Been a bit AWOL lately so its probably a good thing I'm not in the military.

I blame global warming, the economy, the colour purple..... as well as a few health issues.

Think I've worked out both the climate and the economy (it was complicated and required math), made peace with the colour purple and am now on the mend, so hopefully I'll be catching up on comments and posting some new stuff real soon.

Oh, and I'll be in artist alley for the Oz Comic Con Melbourne on the 5th-6th July.
If you are in the area, pop on by, say 'hi'.
Or 'hello'.
Or 'g'day' …which ever takes your fancy.

My BF will be selling her 8 page 'mini comic' I illustrated for her as well… she still has a few copies left, so if you are interested and can't make the con, send her a note.... you can find the details here..…  

Had a blast at the Melbourne Supernova Comic Con on the weekend…. booth was a success - met heaps of great people (including a bunch from dA… you guys rock!) sold a stack of stuff and got to hang out with my best friend :iconlil-el-art: who helped man (or in her case, 'woman') the stall, fend off the zombies and generally add a whole bunch of class to the whole proceedings.

For those interested in these things, I've posted a few photos on my "art of Loopydave" face book page… . Go laugh at my attempts at this salesperson thing.... I wont mind!

Also met up with the awesome Fil Barlow :iconfilbarlow: who just launched a free ipad comic ap… … so go check it out and admire his crazy cool art. Its FREE and you wont regret it!!

Melbourne Supernova comic con 12th - 13th April… first comic con for me as an exhibitor …. banners made, table booked, art crap to sell!

If you are in the neighbourhood, swing on by the artists alley, look for the loopydave banner and say a big 'hi!'

Art of Loopydave...

First a BIG thanks to everyone who bought a copy of my "Art of Loopydave' book from Brandstudio press.. 

the first batch disappeared pretty quickly but he has new stock in now if you missed out.…


I'm still in the process of shipping in my share of the books to sign and sell, but if you live in the states or don't necessarily want it signed, buy one direct from Brandstudio … you'll save a bundle on the shipping and you'll be able to say you got a copy before I did!

Masters of Anatomy…

You've probably seen it around…. Masters of Anatomy kick-starter project is up and running. 100 selected artists from around the world creating figure reference material in one amazing book. The lineup of talent in it is pretty breathtaking and its a book I'd be buying even if I wasn't one of the contributors.

(this is the spot where their cool graphic goes... so shut your eyes and imagine, as I completely failed to work out how to make it load ;) )

Go check it out…

:wave: Hi to anyone who actually remembers me :D
its been 3 months since my last post, I have heaps of unanswered messages and comments and there's been barely a peep from me here … so whats the deal anyway?

Been mad busy… or just mad… can never remember which.
Commercial work AND trying to finish of a huge personal project….

So big apologies to those whose messages I haven't got to yet (I'm slowly working on it), not posting anything for ages (fixed, starting today ;)) and the general state of the world. Someone needs to do some apologising for that last one in particular, and seeing as no-one else seems to want to, here's an enormous SORRY from me!
Painting hair is kinda tricky and frankly time consuming. Someone who always does it sooooo well is Serge Birault, aka :iconpapaninja: He's got an article on painting digital hair up on Muddy Colours….
Go there, read, learn and paint better hair!

Oh, and merry Christmas (just getting that in a few days early)
Continue to be busy on things I can't share right now, but here's some quick plugs for things you may find interesting/cool/outstandingly fantastic.

My buddy John Boyer aka :iconplaidklaus: is running a kick-starter project - here's the link -… pop on by, check it out,  and see if its something you want to support.

Digital Painting techniques Volume 4 has hit the stands (or virtual stands if you check Amazon), with a painting tutorial by your's truly (painting process for… ). Has great tutorials from really amazing artists, such as Ian McQue and Serge Birault aka :iconpapaninja: Buy it. Read it. Learn stuff. You know you want to.

Speaking of the talented Serge Birault, November 15th sees the launch of his book, Corpus Delicti (art of Serge Birault) You can pick up a copy from Amazon France…  BUY IT!!!! Cautionary note - his work is made of pure awesome and will probably make you weep. Consider yourself warned.
Yup, its been awhile between bouts of wordy stuff…. busy as usual with, well, the usual stuff… but thought I'd break the silence with a plug for a great creative resource (insert drum roll, and possibly a dancing bear or two)….
Muddy Colours.

Don't know Muddy Colors?
Let me introduce you….

Muddy Colours, this is a reader from my journal..

Journal reader, this is Muddy Colours...

Muddy Colors is a blog site full of great artistic advice from an amazing lineup of creative talent (Donato Giancola, Petar Meseldžija, Justin Sweet just to name a few…)
And if thats not enough to get your artistic side salivating  (and believe me it should be!!), they have added to the roster a man, who for years has been using his artwork to keep us all safe from the dangers of unwanted tentacles, a man who's very name is French for 'talented' (I may be wrong about that one... my non-existent french is quite rusty), yes that's right, the amazing Serge Birault aka PapaNinja :iconpapaninja: …. now bringing his expertise and willingness to share his processes and knowledge.

Go there, learn stuff… its free!

Just try not to cry at all the talent on display there - you may short circuit your keyboard.
The usual apologies and extenuations for my absence … they say too much work and no play makes jack a dull boy ….. and I have been extremely dull of late. So if you haven't had a reply from me for a bit, its not that, as complete strangers on the internet, I don't love you or anything. Just don't ask for money, and it should stay that way.

In the meantime I have been most fortunate to be featured as the artist of the month by the good folk at SLIXART. Artwork and a short bio, so if you want to find out about my mothers fridge, then this is the one for you! Head on by, the site is cool.. it has a section on the amazing art machine that is Serge Birault aka papaninja, so it obviously has taste!…

Now, time to be dull again.. fingers crossed I'll have some new paintings up next week… just don't hold me to it… or ask for money.
Apologies for not posting much (okay - anything) for a while now and being horribly tardy in dealing with my messages and feedback.. insanely busy on commercial work AND a super cool personal project that I can hopefully tell the three people who read this thing about sometime in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, here's an interview I did at 3Dtotal if anyone is interested. Not sure its that insightful, but I do explain where I got my loopydave name from, so there's that.…
..... but to really foul things up requires a computer.

Can any one recommend a good Mac Data Recovery program?

The hardrive on my work computer chucked a wobbly and its no longer mountable (even as a target firewire drive) - running Mac OS 10.6 off an external drive at the moment as a temporary measure - have all my work backed up, but not my accounting stuff :stupidme:

I'm trying a couple of demo versions at the moment without much current success, but wonder if anyone swears by a particular program for data recovery?


Thanks to you wonderful and helpful people out there!
Unfortunately I couldn't get my data back, but thanks to some good advice, now have a much better and comprehensive backup protocol in place.

Have decided to call it 'one of life's little lessons' and be done with it.

Just remind me to be so calm when I have to manually re-enter all that accounting/tax data ;)
I never read many MAD magazines growing up and Ive only ever owned a couple of them, but I remember flipping through one at the newsagent with a spoof of the Matrix movies, illustrated in watercolours by an amazing artist called Hermann Mejia.

Did I buy a copy? No.
Was this foolish? Yes! :stupidme:

Then I found out he illustrated a LoTR satire in another issue.
Did I manage to buy a copy? No. :stupidme:
Do I regret this? Yes, particularly since I have never been able to find either of these issues anywhere since (probably not helped by not knowing what issue numbers they were in :()

So here's the challenge if anyone is up for it….

Find me a copy of either of these (Matrix or LoTR spoofs illustrated by HERMANN MEJIA) and I'll trade each one in for a sketch - you pick your favourite movie and I'll draw something from it, along the lines of

Thats 2 MAD comics, 2 winners, 2 sketches.

Any takers?

EDIT: CHALLENGE OVER ..... Got the swaps I was after, sketches are commissioned.

Thanks to everyone for the information, links etc. ..very much appreciated!!
The wonderfully talented Greg 'Dark One' Williams :iconplanetdarkone:, creator of such cool comics as Animal Mystic recently did a pinup of my cowgirl character - check it out, look through his gallery, nosey around etc. You won't be sorry. Unless you are allergic to awesomeness. Then, and only then, are you excused.
The rule of 3.

Punchlines works better with it, celebrities apparently die by it and good/bad things come in packets of them.
My dA page is just about to be flooded by the happy little number - a  full 333,333 and I had planned a silly sketch for the occasion but got a few deadlines and wont get it started in time…


if someone is visitor 333,333 and can get a screen grab of said visit, I'll send them the original drawing when its done.

I don't do commissions or sell my originals, so here's someone's chance to save one of my sketches from being thrown or accidently trod on when it was left on the floor :D
ImagineFX is my favourite magazine, and I was most fortunate to be asked to supply a short tutorial on how I painted the el zombi pinup for issue 67 (current issue).
Even better, its got an Adam Hughes cover, an interview with Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Lees sketchbook etc. - means someone might even see my stuff, even if its only as they pass it by to check out the amazing work of such famously big names :D
Check it out!
'Wheres ya been'?

Just a quick drive by apology for getting a bit behind on my replies, checking on all the groovy stuff on dA etc - things got real busy post christmas and now I'm in the middle of taking a few much needed weeks holiday. I've got to some messages, but if you haven't heard from me in a bit - the loving' is still there and I will get to your comments soon.

Got some (I hope anyway) cool stuff coming REAL soon, so if you just love me for my purdy pictures, and not my rapier like wit, sartorial elegance or fine collection of small plastic things .... worry not. ;)